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As a sales manager, you hold the responsibility for your company's revenues, and in a large business, you will usually also have staff responsibility. On paper this is okay. You are responsible for ensuring motivated employees and that more money roll in than the money being spent. It is common to say that there is a lot of competition in the market, but this competition is largely between your sales department and those of other companies.

Your day-to-day work consists of a perpetual striving for new opportunities with both new and existing customers. The typical challenge is that the time that could be spent on sales and motivation is effectively used for administration. The general manager wants a focus on more sales, cross-selling, and up-selling. the Board wants sales reports that you may need to spend sales time on creating manually. How much of your day do you actually spend on sales and motivation of workers versus administration?

The IT manager says that your challenges can be resolved efficiently with a CRM solution, but how does it work?

ProsessPilotene contribute optimization and automation of your sales processes, so you can free yourself from the administration and focus fully on sales. We are constantly thinking about how we can optimize your work processes together with you, so you can work more productively and efficiently. We do this by working together with you and your staff in an integrated team, where we look at the desired working methods, goals and results, and then at ways in which this can be improved using Microsoft Dynamics CRM integrated with relevant IT tools.

Together with our customers, we have delivered well over 100 projects in different businesses and industries. We have collected our experiences in our "Basis CRM" package, and it is this experience we are offering to you, so we can get started with optimizing and automating your sales processes as fast as possible. 

ProsessPilotene is the leading CRM company in Norway, and we were named Best CRM Partner by Microsoft in 2015.


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