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As a marketing manager, you hold the main responsibility for your company's brand and reputation. If you manage a large business, you may also have staff responsibility. 

Your day-to-day work typically consists of planning and implementing various campaigns and events, market research, marketing plans, negotiations,  content and response to activities and the website. As a marketing manager, it is your responsibility to develop good customer relationships. Monitoring trends and a good understanding of consumer needs constitute the essence of achieving and maintaining a leading market position. The sales manager demands that you acquire more leads. You may need to argue your case for increased marketing funding to the CFO. Management demands that you measure results, the number of leads, a customer's value over time, cost per new customer, conversion rate of web customers to sales, responsed to email, web and interaction through social networks. But how do you coordinate these activities?

The IT manager says that your challenges can be met efficiently with a CRM solution, but how does it work?

ProsessPilotene's value proposition is to let us assist with the development and improvement of your marketing processes. We are constantly thinking about how we together with you can optimize your work processes, so you can achieve better results. We do this by working together with you and your staff in an integrated team, where we look at the desired goals and results and the working methods, and the at the IT tools such as Microsoft Dynamics CRM and integrated marketing services.

Together with our customers, we have delivered well over 50 projects in different businesses and industries. We have collected our experiences in our "Basis CRM" package, and it is these experiences we are offering to you, so we can get started with the optimization of your marketing processes as soon as possible. On the technological side of thing, we have tools that make it easier to gain full control of marketing activities from start to finish, so your business can communicate relevant marketing material personally and automatically to new and existing customers.

ProsessPilotene is the leading CRM company in Norway, and they were named Best CRM Partner by Microsoft in 2015

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