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As a service manager, you are responsible for your employees providing top-notch service to your customers at all times. This makes it essential that you and your staff have the prerequisites for doing just that. The customer takes it for granted that your employees have access to all necessary information and provide rapid processing.

Your life is hectic, and something unexpected can happen at any time. Inquiries, requests, feedback and complaints must be acted on quickly. Information must be created, changed and saved continuously. As a service manager, it is your responsibility to facilitate an optimal service process and a great customer experience. Management requires an overview of case types, how long each type of case takes, SLA, priorities and positive feedback on the service process. The sales manager expects satisfied customers. He may even expect your employees to be working on upselling. How do you know that the process is optimized, how do you retain control, how do you know that your employees perform their best, and how is the actual customer experience?

The IT manager says that your challenges can be more efficiently with a CRM solution, but how does it work?

ProsessPilotene's value message is to let us assist with the development and improvement of your service processes. We always think about how we can optimize your work processes together, so you can work more efficiently. We do this by working together with you and your staff in an integrated team, where we look at the desired goals and results, working methods, and the the IT tools such as Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

Together with our customers, we have delivered more than 50 projects in different businesses and industries. We have collected our experiences in our "Basis CRM" package, and it is these experiences we are providing to you to get started with optimizing your service processes as fast as possible. On the technological side, we have the tools needed for you to keep track, prioritize according to your company's wishes and ensure that your employees provide top-notch service.

ProsessPilotene is the leading CRM company in Norway, and they were named Best CRM Online Partner by Microsoft in 2015.

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