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Sales activities, marketing campaigns and customer interaction create a unified customer image that increase customer understanding of your organization and provide a better customer experience for the customer.

Your customers relate to your organization as one company and one single brand. In today's society your customers take it for granted that your employees are up-to-date across sales opportunities, service cases and marketing activities at all times. In addition to the fact that your customers expect this, it could also be used to provide a significant advantage for your business.

Processes can be optimized and activities automated. Your salespeople can turn the experience of a service case around. Your service staff can work with sales. The marketing department can carry out relevant and automated activities based on an overall view. Prioritization of customers, sales opportunities and service cases can be done automatically based on criteria defined by you A unified interaction creates good customer experiences, which in turn leads to cost efficiency and increased sales.

ProsessPilotene's value proposition is to let us assist with the development and improvement of your processes across sales, marketing and service. We are constantly thinking about how we can optimize your work processes together with you, so you can work more efficiently. We do this by working together with you and your staff in an integrated team, where we look at the desired goals and results and working methods, and then at IT tools such as Microsoft Dynamics CRM and integrated third-party tools. Regardless of location, your people can work from anywhere anytime with Microsoft Dynamics CRM online.

ProsessPilotene is the leading CRM company in Norway, and it was named Best CRM Partner by Microsoft in 2015.

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