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ProsessPilotene want to be your partner throughout the life cycle of your CRM solution.

Having a service and support agreement with ProsessPilotene ensures that you have access to knowledge and assistance when you need it.

In an active CRM organization it is profitable to develop the system in line with the small and large changes you continually implement in your work methodology and organization to better achieve your goals in the marketplace. Active and creative user environments get more out of their CRM system. Often, it is only a sparring partner or small changes to the system that are needed to trigger new value, but the availability and delivery time are often crucial.

Dynamics CRM is a mature product with only few operational problems.  Problems will still occur frequently in interactions with the rest of the operational environment, upgrades and the like.  ProsessPilotene has knowledge of CRM operations and collaborate with your other operating partners when necessary.

If you sign a service and support agreement with ProsessPilotene, you get priority access to the ProsessPilotene service catalog when you need it:

  • Consultancy and support for the system owner and super users
  • Updates on new opportunities in the product
  • Additions and changes to system functionality "on-demand"
  • Priority assistance in case of operational problems and interruptions of service
  • Access to ProsessPilotene's support system for follow-up
  • Agreed prices, performance and response times (SLA)

Payment for ProsessPilotene service agreements is settled by hours spent and a small annual basic fee for access to the service.

Please contact us for a support quote. You need not have bought CRM from us to have support services.

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