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DocuSign is a third-party product from Apposite which delivers an electronic signature and document archiving service.

DocuSign is the market leader in the US/EU and adhere to Norwegian law on electronic signatures. You gain control and visibility of all aspects of the signing of contracts. When a document is out for signature, you have a complete overview of the status. You know who signed it, when they signed it, and who is next to sign if there are more people involved. It is possible to make changes to the document until the transaction is completed if the parties involved agree to this. There can be no doubt - we are more mobile in our work than previously. The workplace can equally well be found on the train, at home, or in the cottage. You can use DocuSign anywhere via your mobile phone with a tried and tested app. DocuSign works on iPad, iPhone, Windows, or Android. It is possible to use previously prepared templates, automatic tagging, set up workflows, and send push notifications to those who need to sign, via a PC or a smartphone.

DocuSign works equally well for small businesses as for large ones. Companies like HP, DuPont, LinkedIn, American Express, Yamaha, and several well-known companies are already using the solution.

DocuSign can be easily integrated with Dynamics CRM and helps Microsoft Dynamics CRM customers send contracts for signing directly from the application. Your customers can sign documents from any browser - including mobile browsers - within minutes, and update Dynamics CRM data simultaneously.

ProsessPilotene is the Norwegian distributor of DocuSign. We use the service ourselves every day.

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