CRM policy

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CRM is not just a tool but a working method based on management, employees, processes and software.

A clear requirement for a successful CRM initiative is consists of an anchoring of CRM as work methodology with the management. ProsessPilotene can contribute to a solid anchoring, strategic goals, and guidelines for CRM. At the base of this lies the preparation of a CRM policy, which normally consists of the following parts:

  • The background for CRM policy
  • CRM work in the light of the Customer's action plans
  • Content and requirements for CRM
  • The five commandments of CRM
  • Objectives from use of CRM
  • Guidelines for the CRM Policy (focusing on approach)
  • Definition of KPIs of relevance for CRM use

A CRM policy is usually developed according to the following process:

  1. ProsessPilotene create a draft policy based on the customer's strategic documents, such as the vision, business plan, strategy documents, and the like.
  2. Customer staff review the policy with ProsessPilotene in a working meeting.
  3. The policy is handed over to the customer's governing bodies for approval.
  4. Specific guidelines for the policy are prepared as needed, either by the customer himself or the ProsessPilotene management department.

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