ProsessPilotene are your long term partner when it comes to CRM processes and IT solutions. We contribute with our analyses and advice at every stage.

Startup phase

For businesses that have an unresolved need/problem related to marketing, sales, customer service or administrative procedures, we can help with consultancy regarding strategy, sales management, process development and change management.

The result of this consultancy is usually:

  1. "CRM Policy - Corporate policy related to CRM usage/management and strategy
  2. Short-term and long-term plan/priorities for the implementation of CRM (CRM Roadmap)
  3. Detailed delivery list and project plan for CRM projects.
  4. Responsibility matrices
  5. Training strategy
  6. Integration strategy
  7. Analysis of requirements and how the requirements match CRM products.
  8. Fit/Gap analyses
  9. ROS analyses

The project implementation phase

Our CRM consultants act as your sparring partner during the project phase. In this phase of the project, our consultants will assist the delivery team with tasks related to change management, communication with key people in the project, and tips on what should be in focus when.

The result of this consultancy is usually:

  1. Courses and training plans
  2. CRM system architecture plans and solution design
  3. Information security related to the management of customer information

In the wake of a project

When a project is finished, the long-term collaboration begins. This involves setting up regular meetings where plans and priorities are adjusted continuously.

ProsessPilotene will give you tips on how the market, relevant products and services change, and the impact these changes have on your business. The purpose of this is for you to understand how to use your CRM investment to get better results/services in your company.

The result of this consultancy is usually:

  1. Updated guidelines for CRM policy
  2. Adjusted CRM roadmap
  3. Tips and tricks related to CRM use

About our consultants

Our consultants are personal to you and your company. We allocate a dedicated consultant to all our customers who serves as both consultant and "Account Manager".

In this way, our consultants will get to know your business. At ProsessPilotene, our consultants are also project owners and escalation points for the project phase and support.

Here are some of our employees who work as consultants and account managers today:

  1. Morten Skau
  2. Per Kveim
  3. Frode Stenstrøm

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