Configuration and development

Configuration and development of Dynamics CRM account for the bulk of the total work effort of ProsessPilotene. All ProsessPilotene staff are certified on the products we use in our deliveries.

  • Configuration means adapting IT tools without need for programming. A typical configuration task consists of creating new templates for offer letters, setting up a campaign, adapting work processes in CRM with several examples. We seek to employ mainly configuration so that future upgrades of CRM are more easily performed.
  • Development means programming of customized IT solutions. This could for instance entail that Dynamics CRM is integrated with other systems. Other examples include the development of web portals or mobile applications.

The aim is for your CRM system to be adapted to the actual work processes you have, and that the system be simplified to include only what you need.

We undertake small and large projects for configuration and development of all our core products, such as Dynamics CRM, Click Dimensions, XperiDo, DocuSign, and Unified Service Desk, to name a few.

Small tasks may be as little as 0.5 hours, where we will help you create a call list, for example. Normal projects are between 50 and 100 consultancy hours that go into establishing and adapting a specific process.

To help you get started with CRM, we have created our own service "Basis CRM". This includes the overall experience we have from 100+ CRM projects and enables us to deliver a Norwegian-customized Dynamics CRM online installation at a fixed price with no risk to you.

Please contact us today for a quote on a customized CRM solution.

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