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Based on deliveries of a number of CRM projects over the past five years, ProsessPilotene have prepared a Basis CRM package. The package includes predefined solutions for Dynamics CRM that are in demand in the Norwegian market. The solutions are a collection of "best practice" changes to Dynamics CRM.

Basis CRM reduces time spent on development significantly for all CRM projects. It avoids carrying out development processes for functions that are largely the same for all Norwegian businesses. The package means that you get started quickly and can focus on your specific business needs.

Basis CRM is a part of most implementations carried out by ProsessPilotene, and it is licensed according to the Software-as-a-service principle, based on the number of CRM users.

ProsessPilotene are continuously developing the package and adapting it to new versions of Dynamics CRM.


Serial number generation

A function to allocate an unambiguous and unique serial number to any entity in Dynamics CRM. Used among other things for the allocation of customer numbers.

Settings for integrations and supporting solutions

The solution contains two custom entities to retain various settings. This can be settings for PreMatch, urls for services to be integrated, and more.

Functions for date manipulation

This library allows for the manipulation of dates in CRM, using workflows. The following features are supported: add and subtract days to/from a date, add and subtract working days to/from a date, format a date, "parse" a date.

Validation of organization numbers

<>Validation of the correct format for Norwegian organization numbers. Ensures that all organization numbers registered are valid. This makes cleanup of data easier and provides a cleanup result of higher quality.


JavaScript library

  • JavaScript library for performing common customization tasks, such as:
  • Retrieve details of an entry based on its unique identifier (GUID) record.
  • Retrieve one or more fields for an entry based on queries against optional features.
  • Starting a workflow from a javascript, for example behing a button or a new menu selection.
  • Support for pick lists that are interdependent.
  • Check to see if a user has a specific security role. Used to customize screens depending on the role of the logged-in user.

Postal code register

The solution includes an entity for defining valid postal codes for several countries. Postal codes are normally imported from Posten. In the customer screen you will automatically have the postal area filled in when entering the postal code. In addition, the solution features a web dialog that is used if the postal code entered by a user is not unique. This opens the web dialog where the user can select the correct postal code.

Default deadline for tasks

Standard screens for tasks and phone calls are changed so that the default time for maturity is not 24:00, but is set at 9:00. This ensures that tasks that sync to Outlook and on to your cell phone do not trigger alarms at midnight.

Integration with PreMatch - for rapid creation of new customers with high-quality data

PreMatch integrates CRM's customer and contact lists against Bisnode when registering new contacts and businesses. PreMatch is a search service (web service) that enables you to search Bisnode's business and consumer registry when creating new customers in Dynamics CRM. The major advantages of this is that registration is fast and occurs with high quality. In addition, all entries have correct references so that any subsequent cleanup can be performed more easily and with higher quality.

PreMatch is a subscription service from Bisnode.

ProsessPilotene's Basis CRM customer screen

ProsessPilotene have created new screens for customer and contact with content based on our best experiences. Readymade custom fields for categorization based on industry and type. Predefined fields for receiving information by address cleanup, such as NACE code, company type, creation date and key figures such as turnover, profit and number of employees per year. The address has been extended with support for postal code lookup. Country has been changed to picklist. New menu functions for lookups in Proff, Brønnøysundregistrene, and Google Maps. Validation of the Norwegian organization number at creation and modification. Separate field for billing email address, as this is often different from regular corporate email address.

Control of address duplicates

This function ensures that no duplicate addresses are stored based on type (visit, mail, invoice) in "more addresses". This is to avoid the presense of two billing addresses, for instance. This is important for the eventuality of implementing integration with an ERP solution.

Address maintenance for company and contacts 

This function ensures that an address is copied from the company to all contacts at changes of the company address. This happens only if it is stated on the contact that the address is to be inherited. The address of the contact will be updated if the contact is linked to a business, or if the inheritance flag is active.

Simple project module

Contains a simple project module with activity registration and case connections. Used as an "umbrella" for collecting businesses, individuals, and the activities carried out in the context of a project. There is no project or resource management.

Opportunity and sales process

The dialog for an opportunity is simplified and adapted to Norwegian conditions. A customized sales process has been established. The field for percentual probability of acceptance of the offer for an opportunity is locked for editing. The field is set from the phase, the opportunity is in at any time, via a workflow. This as a better alternative to the standard solution in which the salesperson can enter any probability percentage. A weighted value is introduced as a concept and is calculated based on the probability and the estimated value. Dates of progress in the sales process are logged so that it is possible to report on the speed through the pipeline.

Sales orders and offers

The dialogs for orders and offers are simplified by removal of many of the fields and the logic that is not in use. A separate relation to whom (account) the order is to be billed has been added. This was done instead of using the address field directly on the order as per default. Fields for contacts for orders and offers have been added, so you can see both the customer and the contact. In addition to this, a field has been created for entering the customer reference.

The dialogs for adding product lines have been streamlined and simplified. This makes it is easier to choose a product from the product catalog, indicate the quantity and the discount and see the total, before adding the product as an item line.

The RFC solution includes a new entity with a predefined process as well as linking roles used to specify who has which responsibilities associated with an RFC.

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