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About Kartverket  

Kartverket is a Norwegian state enterprise under the Ministry of Local Government and Modernisation. Kartverket is the oldest technical agency in Norway and has existed under various names since 1773. Kartverket holds the national responsibility for geographic information, runs the national property register and registers real estate deeds and shares in housing cooperatives.  & nbsp;

As the national geodata coordinator Kartverket leads and coordinates efforts related to the national geographic infrastructure in Norway. 

About the collaboration  

As previously mentioned, Kartverket is in charge of the geographical infrastructure and public property information in Norway. Starting from a situation in which inquiries from customers and users were hardly coordinated internally, Kartverket has in collaboration with us completed a project that implemented Microsoft Dynamics CRM in the organization. Microsoft Dynamics CRM is used to handle inquiries regarding all of Kartverket's work areas and services either through their call center in Ullensvang or directly to their four divisions.   


Espen Blomdal, advisor at Kartverket's call center in Ullensvang complements:   

”When our helpdesk was expanded from just covering registration of deeds to covering the entire Mapping Authority, the project was named «A door in». This was because we wanted a common point of contact so that our customers would not need to relate to many divisions. With an expanded customer center, Kartverket appears as one unit, and through the use of the CRM system, it can provide customers with faster and better answers than earlier”  


The result of our collaboration with Kartverket has given them a redesign of several work processes and the way they work with inquiries from customers. Through the implementation of Microsoft Dynamics CRM, cases that could previously last for several days will be taken care of immediately or delegated to the organization.  



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Contact person:         Gjertrude Røyland 
Website:                    Kartverket

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