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About the company

The group has about 2,300 employees in 15 counties, and activities ranging from Tana in the north to Larvik in the south.

Felleskjøpet's main objectives are: to help strengthen our members' finances in the short term and the long term

That is why we have clear objectives to develop and grow within existing and new businesses.

Felleskjøpet's sales organization covers the main areas shop, machine/workshop and feedstuffs/plant culture. In addition to offering goods and services to Norwegian agriculture, we also focus on other consumer groups in areas such as the gardening sector and pets.

Felleskjøpet have separate production and distribution functions for animal feed, seed, fertilizer, pesticide and grain reception. Grain trading is also an important part of our business. Felleskjøpet is market leader within reception of producer grain.

Some facts about Felleskjøpet Agri:

  • Headquarters at Gardermoen
  • 95 shops
  • 57 grain reception sites
  • 40 workshops
  • 12 factories
  • Nearly 50 subsidiaries

Agri comes from Agriculture, meaning farming.

About the collaboration

ProsessPilotene's role in the collaboration is to help with process development and CRM implementation in the organization. We will work in a team consisting of several suppliers and Felleskjøpet's own representatives.

For Felleskjøpet, we have upgraded their CRM system from CRM 4 to CRM 2011. In addition to this, we have decommissioned their Enterprise Salesmaker instance and transferred all data to the CRM 2011 instance.

Felleskjøpet primarily use the implementation of Dynamics CRM for sales follow-up. The process works so that opportunities will be recorded and followed up on in CRM and then transferred to the ERP system for execution.

In addition to this, Dynamics CRM is used for member and member acquisition handling and marketing.

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Contact information

Contact person:          Sveinung Slyngstad
Website:                    Felleskjøpet

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