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About the company

Amedia is the name of the combined company after A-pressen bought Edda Media from British Mecom in 2012. On a daily basis, Amedias more than 70 newspapers, online newspapers and other publications reach more than 2.5 million Norwegians.

In connection with the acquisition of Edda Media, Amedia's directors and owners guaranteed the continued ideological and local diversity in the group's media. The company's mission statement was changed, and a publisher's declaration was adopted, both key elements of a new publishing framework.

The publisher's declaration anchors the company's media as independent social institutions. The declaration states that the individual publication's basic outlook and uniqueness must be respected and continued, and it obliges the group to actively defend the editorial independence from the owner and other power groupings.

Amedia represents a broad and important part of newspaper history in our country. The various political standpoints of the different media have meant that since the 1800s, many of them have had many important roles in the public debate and have actively helped create the society we know today.

About the collaboration

The CEO of ProsessPilotene has been employed by Edda Media for 6.5 years before he founded ProsessPilotene. Co-founder of ProsessPilotene, Morten Skau, had been a supplier to Edda Media for about 4 years prior to the establishment of ProsessPilotene.

ProsessPilotene currently delivers a wide range of services to Amedia, such as the development of Dynamics CRM, project management, and process improvement, as well as general counseling.

The Dynamics CRM solution for Amedia has approximately 500 users. It is used by sales people in the retail and corporate market, and it is the engine for Edda Media's customer center in Drammen.

Contact information

Contact person:            Terje Haug
Website:                      Amedia

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