Schibsted Media Group is an international media group with around 7400 employees and companies in 27 countries. Schibsted's strategy is twofold: Further development of our media house and establishment of online classifieds services.

ProsessPilotene have contributed with project management, consulting and establishing the needed migration from SuperOffice to Dynamics CRM.

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Kartverket is a Norwegian state enterprise under the Ministry of Local Government and Modernisation. Kartverket is the oldest technical agency in Norway, and it has been in existence under various names since 1773.

ProsessPilotene have implemented Microsoft Dynamics CRM which is used to handle inquiries regarding all of Kartverket's work areas.

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Felleskjøpet Agri Sa has about 2,300 employees in 15 counties and activities ranging from Tana in the north to Larvik in the south. Felleskjøpet's main objectives are: to help strengthen our members' finances in the short and the long term. 

The role of ProsessPilotene in our collaboration is to contribute to process development and Micorosoft Dynamics CRM implementation in the organization.

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Budstikka Media

Budstikka Media is a strong locally grounded media group based in Asker and Bærum. The main business area is the Budstikka newspaper and the website

ProcessPilotene contributes with deliveries related to the development of Budstikka sales to the private market through investment in CRM systems integrated with subscription systems.

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Amedia is the name of the combined company after A-pressen bought Edda Media from British Mecom in 2012. On a daily basis, Amedia's more than 70 newspapers, online newspapers, and other publications reach more than 2.5 million Norwegians.

ProcessPilotene currently delivers a wide range of services to Amedia, such as development of Microsoft Dynamics CRM, project management, and process improvement, as well as general counseling.

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