Signicat Sign for Dynamics 365

Signicat Sign for Dynamics 365

“The only eSignature solution for Dynamics 365 with support for common European ID standards”

ProssesPilotene in collaboration with Signicat have fully integrated their solution for electronic signature in Microsoft Dynamics 365. This gives us the ability to provide safe electronic signature for the Norwegian market processed directly from Dynamics 365.

This solution replaces print, fax, scan and courier delivery of documents using electronic signatures and digital authentication of documents.

You have the ability to send documents for signing to one or more users by only a few keystrokes in Dynamics 365. You choose the customer from the customer database, upload the document to be signed and select the signing method.

You get full control and visibility of all aspects of the signing of the document. All signed documents are archived in Dynamics 365 or SharePoint. When a document has been sent out for signing, you can follow the whole signing process directly in Dynamics 365. In addition, it will be sent a notification when the recipient has signed the document.

The solution provides the ability to choose between BankID, BuyPass, Norway MinID Commfides with several eID suppliers. The solution supports electronic identity providers throughout the region, as well as Spain and Estonia.

This gives your business the ability to digitize documents to be signed by users within Norway or from different countries with a high degree of certainty that the document is signed by the right person.

This gives you as a user of Dynamics 365 to streamline the signing process in a safe way, in one place.

This is how it works:

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