Jørgen Amrud Hagen

Alt text: Jørgen Amrud Hagen

Jørgen Amrud Hagen

CRM consultant

Jørgen knows Dynamics CRM. He has worked within the CRM field for more than 10 years, including several years as the leader of a team of CRM developers. He started his job career in TV Norge as a web developer and then started to work with SMS services. Further, Jørgen has worked as a Java developer with a focus on SMS and web, before he stationed himself in Hamar and started as a CRM developer and project manager. At ProcessPilotene, Jørgen will be focusing on consultancy and further development of Dynamics CRM for our customers. In private, Jørgen is into sports and likes to stay active. He lives in Hamar with his wife and two children.

  • Versatile
  • Positive
  • Efficient
  • Committed

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