How du you succeed with CRM?

How du you succeed with CRM?

This is how ProsessPilotene work with CRM projects

The recipe for success with CRM is simple: "Understanding the business, involving employees, make systems communicate with each other."
It is the implementation that is a bit difficult.

Simply put, a CRM project comprises four phases.

1. Understanding the business

Good CRM starts with an understanding of the customer's situation and needs: Which business processes must the system support?

Very often, a survey of customer processes reveals a potential for improvement. There are often opportunities to make things easier and faster, and parts of processes can be automated. Often, we also discover shortcomings in the processes which provides significant efficiency gains.
This is why the solution is not only developed aound companies' existing processes, but instead represents a significant optimization of processes. Our deliverables consist equally of business consulting, process development, and the technical installation installation. The CRM solution organizes  the processes, and it is therefore very important that the organized processes are solid, complete and flexible.

However - even an immaculate system based on optimal processes is still just a tool.
That is why the next step is just as important:

2. Involving employees

We are good at courses and training. Employees' mastery of the tools at their disposal is essential for success. But the ability to use the systems properly is just a basic prerequisite for success. ProsessPilotene want to go a good bit further with their deliveries: to inspire the customer's employees to become ambassadors for the new tools, methods and processes supplied.

That is why sales training, coaching in sales methodology and not least consulting in sales management are often a key part of our deliveries. We also provide similar advice and skills training in marketing and support/customer service. Our goal is not only to enable users to master the systems we supply, but that they use the systems and tools to reach their potential as sellers, managers, marketers and customer service representatives.

3. Integrating systems

One thing is to install and configure CRM as a standalone service. But it only gets really interesting when the solution has to communicate with other systems, such as a mail server, telephone exchange/call center, document management, a system for customer acceptance and contracting, social media and other solutions.

Good planning provides effective integration, and the result is a complete solution which includes everything the employees need to perform their duties: all resources and channels are covered by the same lightning-fast real-time solution. Managers can create detailed reports which not only give an overview of customer-oriented work, but that provide decision support for strategic decisions for business growth, strategy and development.

4. Keeping the solution alive

Although the solution is adopted and the deliveries are completed, we will not end the relationship with the customer. Customer-oriented processes are dynamic and continuously evolving. That is why we emphasize being present in your business by keeping the software updated and actively investigating opportunities for further development, adaptation and improvement in line with business and market development.

Similarly, we are often present in the business processes, the ongoing skills development, and as consultants and coaches in sales training, sales management and process development.

A healthy process never stagnates, but continues to develop dynamically. The same is true for CRM solutions and customer-facing processes. For many businesses, we are continuously present as "system gardeners", consultants and facilitators for optimal customer-facing processes.

The reason why our customers want to maintain close and long-lasting relationships with us is simply that it pays. CRM must be a profitable and long-term investment, and success with CRM does not only mean that the CRM system works well. Success with CRM means that the whole business is experiencing growth and positive development.

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