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ClickDimensions is a solution for automating marketing activities.

The solution connects with Microsoft Dynamics CRM and provides additional features, such as email marketing, web tracking, insights from social media and campaign tracking. In addition to this you can also easily set up online survey forms and web pages in HTML. The solution is delivered according to the "software-as-a-service" principle. This means that all users can use the application without installing anything on their PC/Mac. Efficient for internal IT departments.

With ClickDimensions, you can see anonymous and authenticated users' web activities on your site (in accordance with legal standards for data gathering) You can easily extract insights into what visitors have done and also get a summary of their activity and interests. To create good content marketing, you need information about customers' interests and activity. You can retrieve this from ClickDimensions. With great insight, the foundation is laid for providing relevant communications by automated means.

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