ProsessPilotene was founded and is led by key personnel with extensive CRM experience including experience from establishment of Norwegian and Nordic CRM software companies. Our employees are highly skilled in both technology and technology application.

At ProsessPilotene, we want to build a powerful environment of expertise based on market-leading Dynamics CRM from the world's leading software manufacturer Microsoft. We are dedicated to creating, optimizing, and automating work processes related to sales, marketing and customer care with the use of Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

We take pride in delivering efficient and profitable solutions, and we believe this is achieved through responsibility, learning, interesting tasks, and good working and professional environments.

The goal for the next two years is to expand to 25 to 30 skilled CRM consultants with all-round expertise and product offerings and good delivery capacity for exciting and demanding customers in the Norwegian market.

That is why we are looking for several types of skills profiles, such as:

  • Account Manager: A CRM consultant who can safeguard our customers' interests and ProsessPilotene's aftermarket sales.
  • Project managers: An experienced project manager with CRM skills
  • CRM developers. People who live in Visual Studio and write C# and JS code
  • CRM consultants. People who can customize Dynamics CRM, SharePoint, Click Dimensions, Microsoft Dynamics Marketing, Social Engagement, and other products.


We are looking for people who have a Master's or a Bachelor's Degree. Solid knowledge and experience of working with CRM processes and CRM systems, preferrably on the vendor side. Good business acumen and experience as a consultant. Experience with CRM systems required, but no requirements for Dynamics CRM skills.

Personal qualities

The ability to think holistically and work in an organized and focused way with ambitious customers. Service-minded with distinctive collaboration and communication skills. Ability to work both independently and in teams. Ability to endure long processes and build good relationships. Consultant genes and self-propelled. Other keywords about yourself: resourceful, responsible, innovative, analytical, focused and results-oriented.

Let us know that you are interested today

Are you interested in joining us to build Norway's strongest CRM environment, then please contact:

Per Kveim on mobile phone +47 91817000 or send us your résumé to [email protected]

Our goals

Øke våre kunders verdiskapning

Skape verdier for våre kunder gjennom optimaliserte arbeidsprosesser

Skape bedre kundeforståelse

Bidra til at våre kunder får bedre innblikk, oversikt og forståelse av sine kunder

Tilrettelegge for bedre samarbeid

Skape enhetlige forretningsløsninger som drar fordel av samspillet mellom salg, markedsføring og kundeservice

Vår arbeidsmetodikk

Samarbeid gir de beste resultater

Vår erfaring tilsier at samarbeid i integrerte team gir bedre resultater

Iterativ utvikling gir effektiv verdigskapning

Smidig prosjektmetodikk tilrettelegger for kontinuerlig optimalisering og automatisering i takt med teknologisk utvikling og din virksomhets vekst

Vår kompetanse

Dynamics 365 (CRM) 100%
Optimaliserte salgsprosesser 100%
Effektivisert kundeservice 100%
Automatisert markedsføring 100%
Smidig samarbeid 100%

Noen av våre ansatte

  • Alt text: Jørgen Amrud Hagen
    Avdelingsleder Hamar - Senior CRM Utvikler

    Jørgen Amrud Hagen

    Jørgen kan Dynamics CRM. Han har jobbet med CRM faget i over 10 år, hvorav flere år som leder av et team med CRM utviklere. Han er leder for ProsessPilotene avdeling Hamar.
  • Alt text:
    Avdelingsleder Moss - Senior CRM Rådgiver

    Stig Aatangen

    Stig er avdelingsleder for Moss og fast medlem av ledergruppen.
  • Alt text: Waqas Syed
    CRM Konsulent

    Waqas Syed

    Waqas jobber med CRM utvikling og support.
  • Alt text:
    CRM Konsulent

    Emil Orholm Solhøi

    Emil jobber med CRM utvikling og support
  • Alt text:
    CRM konsulent

    Andreas Ullersmo Fjeld-Nielsen

    Andreas jobber som CRM konsulent.
  • Alt text: sverre-tolboe, crm, konsulent, prosesser, marked
    CRM Konsulent

    Sverre Tolboe

    Sverre har bred og allsidig erfaring fra IT bransjen, med særlig fokus på CRM.
  • Alt text: Younes Hajji
    CRM konsulent

    Younes Hajji

    Younes jobber med CRM utvikling og startet hos oss den 01.08.2016
  • Alt text:
    CRM Konsulent

    Kim Elisabeth Bjørnstad

    Kim jobber som CRM-konsulent med hovedfokus på salg- og servicemodulen i Dynamics 365